Tuesday, October 30, 2012

"You're Only a Baby for a Year, But a Kid Forever!!"

That is what Tyler told me the other day when I was telling him he was still my baby.

 7 years ago today my baby boy was born!  We were nervous at first because the doctor found black spotting on his kidneys at our first ultrasound.  They kept checking him and the spotting wasn't going away.  They told us that when he was born they would check him again cause sometimes it corrects its' self after they are born and go to the bathroom the first time.  They checked him and the spotting was still there.  When he was 18 months old he had to have surgery.  It was the scariest thing for me!! What was supposed to be an overnight stay, ended up being a 2 night stay.  His uretors were kinked so he couldn't release the urine when he would go.  Instead he would retain it.  He started to swell so big that he could barely open his eyes.  They took him and put a stent in his kidney.  They told us that if they slipped there was a possibility that he could die.  I was scared out of my mind!! I prayed so hard, and cried so hard! It was the most scariest thing I ever experienced.  When they were done he was back to normal and thankfully he didn't die. 

You couldn't tell at looking at him that he had surgery, a broken leg, stitches in his head, stitches in his hand, and fell out of a second story window onto the cement!! This kid is the definition of boy!! If you were to look up boy in the dictionary you would find his picture!!  He's my boy though! My baby!! He's soo smart, funny, happy, WILD, energetic......heck everything that I wanted in a boy!!
I love my 7 year old!! I'm proud to be his mom!! I hope he knows that I love him, and that he makes me SUPER happy!!


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born2bhappy said...

He is our Tyler boy alright. I can't believe he is so old. Where did the time go. Love Ya Tyler